Here’s the dark side of me that you guys didn’t know

When I was 15, I was a total asshole.
I hated the world and bullies people for fun.
I did drugs, party, sex, and alcohol. Coz I thought to myself that will ease all my pain and problems away.

So I keep being an asshole to everyone including my family.

One day I looked at myself on the mirror and realized I look like shit. And later one of my drinking buddies told me that the girl who I am bullying at is trying to kill herself.

Now that girl I was bullying, I treated her a nobody. Used her kindness to ask for money and force her stuff that she doesn’t want to do.

I ran to her house, saw her Mom crying and blaming me “This is all your fault! Stay away from my daughter!” But I did not listened to her and ran going to her room.

I knocked the door so hard and beg her not to do it.

And she told me this, “Stay away from me! You used me! You used my kindness! You’re a selfish bitch you keep using me and bully me for fun! You broke me so much and you still keep using me! I hate you a lot.”

I was stunned with her words, and yes she was right. I treated her badly, I keep thinking of myself all the time and not thinking of others feeling. I totally lost respect to myself and respect of others.

But no more, I kept kicking the door to stop her. I kick and kick until it finally opens.

When I finally opened the door, I saw her wrist full of cuts and her clothes are full of her blood. She was holding a knife trying to cut her wrist again. And I started crying in front of her.

I kneeled down and told her that I’m an asshole and I’m sorry for treating you like this. I keep saying sorry to her, sorry and sorry. And she finally drops the knife.

That day I changed and she helped me to get back on my feet, even those shitty stuff I did to her she was willing to help me.

Years later I learned from my past and became a better person.

For her protection I will not mention her name here, but all I can say that right now she’s a very successful doctor in Canada.


Now, for those who keeps on saying that I don’t understand anything, you don’t know how it feels to be whatever. Think again. 26 years of living in this world I keep on surviving and learning.

This is CrazyK and thank you for taking your time on reading this.



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